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About the author

Michelle Warren (Also known as Tameka) was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida. This gifted author was raised by her grandmother and given a love for reading by her great grandmother, who always encouraged her to read bigger and more intense books. Realizing she loved to create her own spin on the stories she read, Michelle began writing in high school. As an adult, her love for writing grew and has been her constant source of contentment and passion through many of life’s changes including marriage, motherhood, and divorce. 


Michelle is also the founder of H.E.R. Freedom, a non profit organization whose purpose is to assist women in finding the freedom that they long for in this life.  HER Freedom's goal is to facilitate Healing moments within women, getting them to Embrace themselves and for them to Release the past. All these things so that they can have the Freedom to be happy. 


Michelle currently resides in Fayetteville, North Carolina and living her most authentic life with her partner and children. She loves to hear from her readers, feel free to connect.

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