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Michelle Warren was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida. This gifted author was raised by her grandmother and given a love for reading by her great grandmother, who always encouraged her to read bigger and more intense books. Realizing she loved to create her own spin on the stories she read, Michelle began writing in high school. As an adult, her love for writing grew and has been her constant source of contentment and passion through many of life’s changes including marriage, motherhood, and divorce.  She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee and is a single mother of four and grandmother of one.

Him (a peek inside The Exploration)

It makes me want to find that special person and lure him into my bed.  Start the morning with some breakfast, and then get comfortable. Me in only his shirt and him in only his boxers.  The intimate journey to start there. Mind to mind, talking about our wants and dreams, connecting on a level higher than any other.  Then I would like to snuggle and kiss, enjoying his hands all over me and mine all over him.  I would want to lead into the bedroom and gently lay him back for I am his and he is mine.  Oh the love making would begin, I would touch and caress you all over, making sure to kiss and stroke all the places that give you pleasure and you do the same for me.  Once I get on and place you inside of me and the connection is complete the passion overtakes us both. We both close our eyes and let nature take its course.  You have me over you and under you and in front for you, slowly you make me lose control and scream as we both have earth shattering orgasms.  Then we just lay where we fall and sleep. Still connected to each other with a bond stronger than time.

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