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"I didn't realize how broken I was until I began to heal”
This statement means so much to me. Many of us do not know ourselves well enough to realize how much we need to heal from abandonment, abuse, neglect, bitterness, loss, depression etc... . The things that we have lived through are still deep within us. We went through it and put it in a memory box and for me this summer that box was pulled off the shelf dusted off and put in my lap. I realized that many of us, myself included, along with our broken heart, mind, and body are just surviving. We put one foot in front of the other and kept moving. In an effort to get away from what has happened, we buried ourselves in work, families, church, etc. WE LOST US AND DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE IT 

This conference is all about us remembering the woman we dreamed we would be, our loves, our dreams, our goals, and what is in us waiting to be awaken. Slated for April 17-19 2020 To get more information or to Register Now go to

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