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Lena is our love free and simple guru.  She has learned to live her life authentically and have it all about love, paying no attention to what others say and do.  With she is in a lovingly poly relationship that given her life a joy that she is not letting anyone take away.  This has helped Define who she is and how she takes life.  

The Ladies of the sister circle are coming together again and this time Lena is driving the conversation.  This conversation centers around all of those things , both beautiful and tragic, that shape women.  Each story is meant to talk about a new and not often talked about situation that is going on daily. 

This leg of the journey is meant to show how we as women have to come together and share our pain and uphold each other. How we have to remember to empathize for our sisters and share our experiences to help each other in different ways.  My hope is that you see yourself or someone you know and you are able to release and share in a different way.

The Definition of Her