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Tonight’s the Night

Today was a day, I saw her and for once in my life I wasn't so shy. She started talking trash with me and we laughed, but when everyone else was settling down, I texted her and asked her to come to me. She knocked on the door and I let her in and closed and locked it. I wanted her tonight, we have been dancing around this for a minute and tonight I needed to feel. She sat on the bed and looked at me, I was so nervous, but I took a deep breath and just confessed. I asked her if she would sleep in the room with me and hold me. She looked at me, smiled and asked if that was all. I told her no, and that I wanted to just start there and let whatever is supposed to unfold just happen. That is when the night got interesting. She smiled at me again and told me she would be happy to stay with me. I asked her if she was ready to lay down or did she need something else. I was nervous and it showed the way that I played with my fingers as I talked. She stated she just needed to go cut the lights and get her pillow. So I moved so she could take care of that. While she was gone I decided to get ready for bed my way. I stripped off everything, dimmed the lights and got into bed. when she came in she closed and locked the door and put her pillow in the bed. She stripped down to her tank and boxers. Wow that turned me on. She pulled the covers up and climbed into bed and reached for me. She then noticed that I wasn't wearing any clothes. I heard her chuckle softly, she kissed the back of my neck and told me to relax. I felt her arms wrap around me. The warmth of her body felt so good against my back. As I was relaxing I felt her hands moving along my breast. She cupped one and started to play with my nipples. oh my it felt so nice. I whispered to her that tonight teasing was not going to work. I needed more, and she told me to let go, and she got me. Her hands felt so nice on my body, it had been so long since I had been touched. She pushed me on to my stomach. I felt her move to almost cover me. She then began to rub my back planting kisses down the center. Her lips were so soft and I felt myself getting so wet. Her expert hands rubbed me down, taking extra care on my lower back and my thighs. She started to turn me over and felt my hesitation, she whispered in my ear to go with it and that she wanted to see all of me. I let her turn me over, my eyes were closed at first, scared to see her reaction to my body. I heard her chuckle and could picture her shaking her head at me. I felt her massage my arms and move them away from my body. Then she began to rub my shoulders and moved slowly down to my breast, first she rubbed then I felt her put my nipples her in her mouth. I heard myself let out a moan, and felt the wetness between my legs get more intense. Open your eyes I want to see what you feel, she said to me I opened my eyes and she looked into them as if she was looking into the depth of my soul. It got more intense then. She then went back to my breast, nibbling and sucking on my nipples as if they were true chocolate kisses. Meanwhile I feel her hands move to my middle section she rubbed my stomach and stretch marks as if they were roadmaps to the inside of me. The tenderness she showed my body made my legs squirm as I felt a familiar throbbing between my thighs. As if she was reading my mind her hands moved to my thighs and began to rub then as her mouth started it’s journey from my breast down my body. The special attention her tongue paid to my navel made my body arch up to get more. She went down further and I felt my body began to come undone. She spread my thighs apart and rested her body there and I felt her tongue go to work. She began with my clit which was already throbbing. She stroked and suckled it as if it was a precious delicacy, full of flavor and tenderness. The way she stroked the entirety of my woman hood as her tongue did its thing made me grab the sheets, to maintain some sort of control. She paused for a moment and told me to forget everyone in the house and let go. As she picked up where she left off, I began to moan again. Then she took it to another level, determined to make me lose control I found out later, She went in on me until my eyes rolled back my thighs tightened around her face and all I felt was the explosion going on in my body and I screamed out with the release. My body was shaking but she wasn’t done. Not yet there was still more. I couldn’t believe she had taken me there. I had never experienced a release like that. She didn’t let it end with just that first orgasm. Her mouth didn’t stop, her arms holding my body in place, as I squirmed and pushed her head. Her tongue when on until I felt another explosion coming from the inside of my body. Before I knew it I was grabbing the headboard and my body arched like it was possessed and I let out another breathless scream. This time however there was no break, she kept going until the orgasms came back to back. Finally my body just dropped, I was totally spent, it was then and only then that she came up. She looked me in my eyes and kissed me deeply. I tasted my essence on her longue, as she ran her hands through my hair. I felt as the other side of me emerged, ready to be free. That night I let her come on out. That night the reserved side of me was shed. I rolled us over, pushed her hands above her head and told her that her wish was my command. She wanted me to let go, at that moment she was beginning to understand what letting go was for me. I began my exploration of her body and she urged me on, her curiosity out in full. That other part of me emerged, full of arousal and prepared to continue the journey that she had started. I began to touch her body, her full caramel breast and chocolate chip areolas were caught in my mouth. I felt her moan in her gut long before it came out. Planting kisses down on her stomach I paid extra attention to the hips, nibbled at each corner. I kissed her thighs as I spread them wide open, my eyes began to feast on her beautiful pearl. As I blew on her clit her womanhood blossomed and the moisture gave an essence that increased my desire for her. I gathered her clit into my mouth and began to taste her, t teased at first getting her wetness to flow out. I moved two of my fingers to enter into her depths, stroking her wetness while my other hand caressed her nipples. Her moans became louder as I devoured her, her hands held my head urging me on. It wasn’t enough for me , I needed her total release, the small ones were just a preface. I laid on her to allow her to taste her cream on my tongue. My body to her body, my breast to her breast, my clit to her clit. I reached under my pillow and pulled my special surprise out. Her eyes were closed, and she wasn’t expecting it. I pulled away from her for a moment and prepared myself. When I joined her in the bed again, I slid inside her. Her eyes flew open and the shock showed on her face. I moved in and out of her slow at first moving faster and faster until she screamed. As her body released, she scratched my back which made me go longer and harder. Her legs on my shoulders and she continued to take all of me. We rolled over, she wanted to control, but her body was still sensitive and my mouth on her nipples as she rode me made us both reach a climax only rivaled by the 4th of July fireworks going off outside. After our release we just collapsed together and fell into a deep sleep. That is a night I will surely remember for the rest of my life.

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